Diaper Program Registration

Once you are registered for the Bundles of Joy Diaper Program you are eligible to receive diapers once a  Month from a distribution partner or at a mobile distribution when available.   We work with various community agencies, food banks and host distributions throughout each month.       

Please Read before you proceed to our registration link. 

Bundles of Joy Diaper Bank is a diaper Bank located in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  If you are not in this area please visit the National Diaper Bank Network to find the nearest diaper bank to you. 


Our Policies:  (Updated September 2020)


  1.  Diapers are currently distributed  to individuals  every Month.  We have both mobile distributions and pick up partners.   To receive diapers you can register and pick up at one of our partner locations 

  2. REGISTRATION is  required online, however some pick up partner may allow walk in registration for an emergency

  3. We do not make home deliveries.  In order to serve as many clients as possible we have set up as many diaper distribution  parters. Our goal is to serve as many clients as we can at each location

  4. Our packs are bundled according to size with the various brands and distributed as is.  You will receive a minimum of 15 diapers and a max of 30 per child. 

  5. Wipes and other items are currently not a guarantee.  We are not responsible for any faulty items received.  

  6. To Register click here 

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